Most things are superfluous.

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Active Projects

Senior Software Developer at Raizlabs.

Podcast host & writer at no gradient.

EaglesScribe, used by thousands of Boston College students.


NetLive, featured in CNET, lifehacker, and XDA.

Basketball announcer at Cristo Rey.

Automating Input Events on Android, a post on the Raizlabs blog.

The Curious Case of Systrace Reporting Jank on an EditText, a post on the Raizlabs blog.

Google I/O 2017 Distilled, a post on the Raizlabs blog.

Overlapping Fragments with VideoViews, a post on the Raizlabs blog.

Bug I discovered while working on a client project at Raizlabs.

Compound Components, presented at an Android meetup.

AndroidAppCrashFlowChart, featured in Android Weekly.

Tango Hearts, built at a Project Tango hackathon.

Android Event Synchronization Using NTP, presentation at Boston College.

GroupMeAnalytics, insights into your conversations.

Bug I discovered in the TrafficStats API while working on NetLive.